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When to book your newborn photography session...

It's preferable to book the session as early as possible during your pregnancy as I only take a limited number of bookings. I will pencil a date in my calendar approximately one week after your due date.  It is best to do a newborn session when your baby is between one and two weeks old. This is because babies are easier to pose at this age and a lot sleepier!

What to expect during the session...

The session can last between 3 to 4 hours depending on if baby needs feeding or soothing so please allow enough time in your day to accommodate this. The session takes place at my home studio in Stockport which is fully insured for commercial visits. Due to the limited amount of space, I can accommodate sibling photos but it's best if little brother or sister is taken away once these shots are done.


I have a range of blankets and backgrounds for you to choose from.  I also knit and crochet my own hats for my newborn photography sessions and can take requests when I have enough notice - animals, super heroes, pixies - whatever you want! Check out my Instagram for my latest creations.

What to bring...

On the day of the session, make sure you bring a travelling bag with plenty of food for your baby, as well as extra nappies!  If parents and baby shots are required, I recommend wearing neutral tones. It's best if both parents are wearing the same shades. Alternatively, a black t-shirt or vest top can look great!  Bring some spare tops because accidents can happen when newborns aren't wearing nappies...If you have a special blanket or hat you would like to include then let me know in advance.


If you would like to bring along your baby's siblings, these shots can be done in the first part of the session but due to the limited amount of space, it's best to organise another adult to take them away once done so I can focus on the newborn. There is a park across the road!


A few tips to make sure your shoot goes smoothly:

If possible, bring your newborn in a baby grow with loose clothes on top - no socks and a loose nappy. This ensures that he or she arrives with no clothes marks on them and makes it easier to undress them - especially if they are asleep - and start the session straight away.

Try to feed your baby before you leave. A baby with a full belly will be more likely to be sleepy after a car journey.  Don't forget to bring extra milk if necessary. The studio is also breastfeeding friendly.


What's next?

After the session, we will meet again to view your photos and you can purchase anything ranging from digital copies to frames of your favourites.  Price lists for a variety of products are available on request.


If you already know your due date and would like to book a newborn photography session, contact Thomas to make an appointment.


baby and mother
baby weeing whilst being held by the parents

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